Thursday, 25 February 2010

This week's Creative Genius is.....

Danni from NelliD!
Danni creates beautiful resin pieces and unique bags.Her creations are brimming with a sense of fantasy. Here she tells Creative Genius what inspires her and how the creative community has helped her to set up her successful business.

Tell us a bit more about yourself and your craft?
I think I have always been obsessed with colour, pattern and design...think it started early on. kind of innate within mum used to I learnt from her.....I studied printed textile design at Saint Martins as a result and my love and obsession has just grown from there.....I also love me it is the best country...cream teas, quaint little villages...obscure weather..beautiful buses...jam packed full of inspiration..I love it. ~Nelli D, is inspired from all of that, and I guess it never really began exists within me.. I have never been or never will be a person who can just sit of an evening..I feel frustrated when I havent got anything to do with my hands.....on a technical note I have been selling for just over a year now but have really been selling my bags for 5 years or so....I taught myself to wrap wire to make jewellery with the aid of books and I took myself off on a road trip one sunday to do a resin course...! (the resin part of nelli D is relatively new....and is growing all the passion at the mo is combining wearable pieces with my bags....a kind of double whammy! Like all real people...I have a day job...I am an art and design teacher...(soon to be in the police) and I fit my work around my spare time...sometimes setting resin before I go to work and before I go to bed....If I think about it I am quite organised...although that rule does not apply to my accounts.! It seems to work well and the fact that I go out each day allows me to think about my business and take a step back...and the kids help...why don't you try this miss or oooo could you make thats great. I have a degree in textile design from Saint Martins so the jewellery side was a little alien to was only when a friends mum convinced me to have a go at making her friend a chunky beaded bracelet that I got into making jewellery..the resin came later. So after buying a few books I learnt the art of wire wrapping techniques and it grew from there......I am a bit of a fig-it and I am always looking for new techniques and different ways to do things....I

What is the favourite item you have ever made?
Oh god I am never satisfied...thats what keeps nelli D alive...I am in a constant battle with myself to make things better... I am however quite happy with my the Alice's tea party bag...which combines the jewellery side of nelli D with the bag side.

What do you enjoy most about your craft?
being totally creative...allowing my imagination to run any direction....I especially love seeing where an idea takes me! sometimes it can be quite different to what I initially had in it keeps me on my toes.

Where does your inspiration come from?
I take inspiration from all sorts of things...a sight a sound a smell, I am a bit of an eccentric old romantic so you will find lots of whimsical love stories mixed up with British patriotism and just for measure a dash of punk rock in my creations. Other than craft, what else do you enjoy? I love visiting different cities ...London being my favourite...I love culture and colour and you get buckets of it in I fill my boots whenever I get to go. I also enjoy...rummaging around bootsales and flea markets...hoping to find something a bit different. my other passions are eating out and horse riding...which makes me feel alive.

What are your views on the handmade community?
I love the handmade community: what with the rise in huge corporate companies taking over the highstreet its a breath of fresh air coming onto these sites and seeing what people still make by hand! I love it, and there is so much talent for very very reasonable prices (too cheap actually) ! I would also like to point out all the help I received when I first started out..people on the forums are more than willing to help with my sometimes daft questions, and it has helped me immensely. When I first started I knew nothing about advertising or even branding, and now I can share what I have learnt with others...its a real university of life, not to mention the friends I have made on there..who are always around for a natter and a virtual cup of tea!

Apart from yourself, who is your favourite handmade artisan? and why? if you would like to find out more about NelliD's favourite artisans click the links below:
Oh Gosh what a question! there are so many shops that I love and that are so different but I am going to say: I am at the moment completely in love with Rob Ryan, he makes intricate paper cuts with the most romantic tales, and fairytale quotes: my lovely other half has just bought me a limited edition paper cut and Rob personalised it for me...throwing in a few extras...I couldn't believe wouldn't get that on the highstreet!!
Here is his etsy shop:

because she has helped me no end and makes brilliant items all hand drawn...very clever!
I also love: Amyorangejuice and have my eye on this piece
I wish I could make things with glass..they are beautiful and sorry I know you asked for 1 but I can't is another artisan that fascinates me:
Lauren ceramics...mostly because once again she produces gorgeous items, that I wish I could make:

If you would like to find out more about Danni and NelliD click the links below:
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  1. Great article! Very animated - NelliD's creations are gorgeous - off to have a look at Misterrob now. x

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  3. Thankyou so much for including me on your blog...i am really looking forward to next week.....its refreshing to read posts that tell you a bit about the satisfies my nosey side x

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  4. Lovely article and NelliD that bag is beautiful!